Cocktail Hour

Piaget's Mojito ring

Piaget's Mojito ring

I admit, until recently I didn’t really “get” cocktail rings. Rings, yes. Big flashy rings, no.

I’ve since seen the light, thanks to these cocktail-inspired rings by Piaget. “Inspired” is right! I’ve posted Piaget’s “Mojito” because I find it impressive both in design and execution.

The lime slice is delectable, carved from a single piece of citrine, and every speck of color is a mounted gem — no enamel, anywhere. (That I know of.) The “drink” is a dreamy tourmaline.

Piaget's Whiskey on the Rocks cocktail ring

Piaget's Whiskey on the Rocks ring

My other favorite from this ring series is “Whiskey on the Rocks”. I love the little rock crystal ice cubes, and the way the gold mounting seems to splash upwards to meet them. The central stone is a perfectly whiskey-colored citrine.

I’ve been looking at these pictures for days now. The detail and planning is evident from every angle. (The details are what matter the most!)

I find the other four rings equally charming; the above two are my favorites. I’m not much of a cocktail drinker, but I admire these clever rings immensely!

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