Danielle Signor with Richard Liddicoat statue, GIA Carlsbad campus

Danielle Signor & Richard Liddicoat

Hello and welcome! My name is Danielle, I’m passionate about gemstones, and I’m very excited to share my passion on this blog. I have a degree in geology, and as of February 2014, I am a Graduate Gemologist!

I’m a web designer (18 years and counting!) I focus on small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the tourism industry, particularly Chambers of Commerce.

I love making jewelry, especially rings, pendants, and bracelets! These days I do a lot of soldering with sterling silver, but I also work with wire, strung beads, gemstones and crystals, and resin. I’d like to try lapidary at least once. (I also want to go gold-panning this year. There’s gold in them thar hills!)

I love spaceflight and astronomy; find my (retired) blog at silver-rockets.com. I saw two of the last three space shuttle launches; one as a STS-133 #NASATweetup participant. It was fantastic! I also like architecture, art history, science fiction and fantasy, and poetry.

At Many Faceted, I’ll be writing about gemstones, their history and lore, and random interesting things I learn as I step into “the industry”, brandishing my shiny new Graduate Gemologist diploma. Any gem adventures I have will be chronicled. I will periodically talk about gem books I like, online resources as I find them, and new additions to my modest gem collection. I’m very fond of photos!

Disclosure Policy

The FTC requires me to tell you that I may at one point make some money off this website. I am an Amazon Affiliate, and if I link to books in future, I may earn a small pittance from your purchase, should you use my link.

If I review a book, usually I own it, read it and love it. If I’m given one for purposes of review, or I’m benefiting in some way by posting, I’ll let you know. Even if you offer me wads of cash, I won’t feature a book here that I don’t actually like, love or use regularly.