Graduate Gemologist

It’s official! As of 4:45 pm (ish) today, I have passed my 20-stone exam, and I can rightfully call myself a Graduate Gemologist. (It is very surreal, typing that.)

It’s hard to know what to say. Earlier in the afternoon, as I was driving, I imagined how it would feel to have passed my exam. How happy I would be! When I got the call, I was astonished that I had actually PASSED — on the first try. (I still can hardly believe it.) I was cheering aloud, and then bursting into tears, over and over. I called people, texted people, told Facebook and Twitter… and went through a surge of emotions every single time I gave the news. It’s been a long three years. Hard to believe it’s at an end!

Now I have to figure out what to do next, which is a bit sobering. But it doesn’t have to be today. I’m going to savor this victory a bit longer, before I come back down to earth. GIA won’t give out exact figures, but very few people pass the 20-stone on the first try. (Please excuse me while I explode with glee.)

I’m a Graduate Gemologist!!!