I Dream of Gemstones

So the other night, I actually dreamed about gemstones:

I was in a big shopping mall — one of those indoor/outdoor galleria-type ones, upscale — in a hurry, trying to pick a flavor of ice cream to get. I was looking in a display case at the different flavors… but every time I looked, the case was full of gemstones, and not ice cream. (Are gemstones better than ice cream? Depends on the situation, I think.)


I vividly remember the chunk of labradorite I kept seeing in the case (not unlike this one I dug up on Google Images.) The stone was palm-sized, and had a lot of blue-green flash in it. Lovely to gaze upon, and to hold.

I also saw a pile of peridot crystals and gemstones, much like an image that arrived in my Gem-A newsletter the other day (thank you, subconscious, for bringing that one up.) I’ve had peridot on the brain, lately. More so than usual.

Those are the only two gems I remember, and I don’t think I ever successfully ordered any ice cream. Every time I tried to look at some uber-chocolate kind, it turned into labradorite.


I’m experimenting with a new WordPress theme this weekend, to see how it feels. (I may or may not stick with it.)

PS: What’s detritus, you ask? Geologically speaking, a rock made of random crap.


  1. Debbie says

    Oh….how I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve peridots….and labradorite!!!!!!!!!!! You need an MRI, to see if you do, actually, HAVE peridot on the brain. Serious disease. I used to dream of bakeries when I was trying to diet. Even felt like I gained a few pounds the next morning………………..